Analog Cities: Istanbul

...Istanbul in black and white film shot with a compact camera. Millions of habitants, tourists, cars, bikes, boats, dirt, desertion and loads of graffiti.

Interview: SUSO33

We've been seeking to talk to him about his multidisciplinary work who doesn't seem to know limits in benefit of offering new ways to express his concerns

Interview: Selina Miles

We found very interesting talking with her about her job (which not only reduces to graffiti videos) and knowing her point of view of this scene were are inmerse in


We hope to introduce you to 83M80 and that you enjoy it so much as we do

28 April 2016

Subway by Bruce Davidson

Subway is an american photographer Buce Davidson's piece of work from New York Subway from the early 80's and published by Apertured in 1986, when graffiti and danger took over this enormous underground system. The brilliant Davidson's pictures can soak you in that atmosphere since the beginning. At Magnum's website you can see a big part of Subway, and you can also purchase some of the re-releases that were published in the foregoing years, you can even find some copies of the first edition, at a much higher cost, obviously.

Subway es un trabajo del fotógrafo americano Bruce Davidson en el metro de Nueva York a principios de los años 80 y publicado por Aperture en 1986, cuando el graffiti y el peligro se apoderaron de este enorme sistema subterráneo. Las fotos del brillante Davidson sumergen a uno en ese ambiente desde el principio. En la web de Magnum se puede ver gran parte de Subway, también se puede adquirir alguna de las reediciones que salieron años después, e incluso se puede encontrar alguna copia de la primera edición por la web, aunque mucho más caras obviamente.

25 April 2016


Here is a selection of the past Golden Hands Gallery exhibition, where three of our favorites artists participated; Sozyone Gonzalez, Honet and Sixe Paredes. At the gallery's site you can check the rest of the pictures.

Aquí una selección de la anterior exhibición de Golden Hands Gallery,  donde participaban tres de nuestros artistas favoritos, a saber: Sozyone GonzalezHonet y Sixe Paredes. En la web de la galería podéis ver el resto de imágenes.

22 April 2016


The group exhibition TETRA took place in March at the Centro Hipermediático Experimental Latinoamericano, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Curated by El Mirador gallery, it featured interesting characters such as Gordopelota, Nase Pop, Pau Loubet or Rodrigo Rodríguez, all of whom come from graffiti although showing their most artistic aspects, with a brilliant result as you can see in this pictures shot by Alejandra Leston.

En marzo tuvo lugar la exposición grupal TETRA en Centro Hipermediático Experimental Latinoamericano (Buenos Aires, Argentina). Curada por la galería El Mirador contó con personajes tan interesantes como Gordopelota, Nase Pop, Pau Loubet o Rodrigo Rodríguez, todos ellos provenientes del graffiti aunque muestran su faceta más artística, con un resultado brillante como se puede ver en las fotos tomadas por Alejandra Leston

6 April 2016


'CORPORATE IDENTITY' is the new exhibition by Moses & Taps. The opening is the next Friday 8th April at Golden Hands Gallery (Hamburg, Germany). Check the teaser and some pics just stolen from The Grifters and Golden Hands.

'CORPORATE IDENTITY' es la nueva exposición de Moses & Taps. La inauguración es el próximo viernes 8 de abril en  Golden Hands Gallery (Hamburgo, Alemania). Check the teaser and some pics just stolen from The Grifters and Golden Hands.

6 March 2016


A few weeks ago we visited NYC and we could see and photograph in our frenetic visit, as part of the graffiti scene is currently in some of its areas like Chinatown, SoHo, Dumbo ...

Hace unas semanas nos dejamos caer por NYC y pudimos observar y fotografiar en nuestra frenética visita, parte de como está la escena del graffiti actualmente por algunas de sus zonas como Chinatown, SoHo, Dumbo...