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Graffiti art has been there for ages and when I say ages then I actually mean the famous Roman and Egyptian civilizations. Graffiti though is predominantly related to hip hop culture however now it has been accepted in the circles of art that it is one of the best ways of communicating one’s feelings.

Things To Watch

Pervs on Patrol - Mofos
Pervs on Patrol – Mofos

Pervs on Patrol is unique series of Mofos crew. When it comes to voyeur content and all that spy approach to the fun – they are kings. Watch clueless girls staying naked right in front of our eyes. Just like that!


Mom LoverMom Lover – it’s finally here and it shocks with its 8 unique subseries – all dedicated to moms and their sexual adventures. Dive deep into the world of filthy moms and their fantasies being fulfilled by young stepboys.

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We encourage young amateur street artists to submit their artwork to us to be featured on our blog. A great way to advertise yourself.

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About the Author

A graffiti aficionado who has traveled all over the world to witness the beauty of the art on walls which are turned into masterpieces one can be proud of.

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View all of our showcase Graffiti art and feast on the best works of art in modern times. Here you will find an amazing collection of some of the best street art from all over the world. The collection speaks for itself, in terms of quality, style and audience appeal.

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